Improved Turn up of Vocational Training in Wajir

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It is the beginning of the year, a time when parents and teachers are working tirelessly to ensure that students/pupils go back to school  for the first term. It is equally a busy time for our project team as they work tirelessly to recruit youth to take up vocational training.  The Wajir project team working with the County government of Wajir, kicked off a mass recruitment exercise for the second cohort.
“When we introduce the project in 2017, the youth were not keen on taking up vocational training. Most young people look at vocational training centers as a place for failures. Working with the county government and the first batch of the youth who benefited under the project as ambassadors, we have created awareness on the importance of taking up vocational training,” Suleiman Saney, Project Officer.
Suleiman says that this year unlike last year, they have seen more youth turn up for the recruitment exercise. The strategy was to work with the youth who graduated last year and are now earning a living from the skills they attained at the vocational training centers.
Radio messaging targeted at young people encouraging them to enroll for vocational training also enabled the information reach a wider audience.
“I was supported by the Red Cross Wajir Branch to take up a training in plumbing. I am now self-employed and able to earn from my skills. I believe that if one has focus and self-drive, you can achieve a lot,” said Mohamednur Hussein.
Mohamednur is among the first cohort of youth supported under the project to take up various competency based courses at Wajir Youth Polytechnic. Mohamednur trained as a plumber and is now able to make money through the skills attained and boasts of a savings of Ksh 10,000 since he started working three months ago.
“Before I would have to ask for money from my parents, I felt like a burden to them because at my age I should already have something running. I should be supporting them once in a while, but I was unable to. I am glad the Red Cross and the European Union have come together to support us to grow into better citizens,” Mohamednur said.
The project is targeting a total of 470 youth in Wajir for the current intake. The targeted youth will take up courses at Tarbaj Youth Polytechnic, Habaswein.

Youth Polytechnic, Khorof Harar Youth Polytechnic, Buna Youth Polytechnic and Wajir Youth Polytechnic. Last year a total of 216 (106 male and 110 female) benefited with a 180 having sat for the National Industrial Trade Assessment (NITA) examinations in December.
Conflict Prevention Peace and Economic Opportunities for the Youth in Kenya is a project that focuses on empowering young people across eight counties in northeastern and coastal Kenya. The project supports the youth with acquiring technical, life and business skills and entrepreneurships development. It is implemented in: Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Lamu, Tana River, Kilifi, Mombasa and Kwale targeting a total of 4,500 young people. Since it kicked off in 2017, the project has since supported a total of 3,294 across the eight targeted counties.