With Youth4Youth Van in Kwale County

Written By: Super User Category: Disaster Risk Management

This week the With Youth “4” Youth van was in Kilifi County engaging young people in conversations that matter to them. The topics range from discussions on conflict and young person’s involvement, nurturing young people’s talents and the role of young people in countering violent extremism. Some of the routes that the ‘Van’ took include: Mazeras, Mariakani, Samburu, Taru, Vuga, Tsimbani, Kombani, Tiwi, Ukunda, Bongwe, Kinondo, Ramisi, Gazi among others.
“Mimi kama Mwagarashi ni kijana wa Kwale na najivunia sana kuungana nanyi siku hii ya leo,nasema pongezi sana kwa viongozi wote Wa redcross.
Na napendekeza haya majadiliano yaweze kufanywa mara mara ili tuweze kutambua nafasi zetu kama vijana. Pia napenda kuambia wenzangu kua talanta haitupi na tusingoje kuajiriwa tutumie talanta zetu.”
Salim is one of the youth from Garashi who was part of the discussions in the van, he says such initiatives are good for youth to air out their views and be heard. Salim encourages other youth to use their talent to earn a living and not wait for
“As a young person from Garashi in Kwale County, I am happy to be part of this discussion today and I thank the Red Cross for this initiative. I recommend such discussions often for young people to air out their views and be heard. I also encourage young people to use their talents to earn a living and not just wait for employment,” said Salim.
The discussion are held with experts depending on the topic of discussion to ensure that the youth do not just share their views, but have a take home to enable them become better individuals. To discuss the role of youth in Countering Violent Extremism, the team Invited Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) to facilitate the discussion.
MUHURI is a Non-Governmental organization based at the Coast of Kenya to promote human Rights among marginalized social groups. MUHURI has also advocates for an all-inclusive collaboration platform for state and non-state actors as a sustainable and effective means for community peace building and development.
Conflict Prevention, Peace and Economic Opportunities for Youth in Kenya is a project funded by the European Union (EU) under the Emergency Trust Fund (EUTF) and implemented by the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). The project is aimed at advocating for youth inclusion and empowerment through training and provision of livelihood skills. Activities within the project are implemented in eight counties: Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Tana River, Kwale, Kilifi, Lamu and Mombasa.
The project is geared towards increasing peace and stability in Kenya through supporting youth in engaging in economic opportunities. Focus is placed on youth and specifically seek to address underlying causes of conflict in the eight-targeted counties, which are at high risk of violent conflict and forced displacement.
#WithYouth4Youth Van (Matatu/Nganya) is a component of the project that is used to raise awareness, and promote key messages on social cohesion and peace building.
Next week the youth van will be in Kilifi.