Flood Victims In Isiolo County Have Their Houses Reconstructed

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The April-May 2018 floods experienced in the country affected over 40 counties and displaced approximately 321,630 people in some parts of Kenya. In Isiolo County, hundreds of residents were displaced by the floods leading to the destruction of houses, loss of livestock and livelihoods.

As a result, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) responded swiftly by providing humanitarian support to the affected communities. It included evacuation of residents to safer grounds, distribution of Non Food Items (NFI’s), provision of water and medical outreaches.

The Society also launched an appeal for help to support response activities and the recovery process of those affected by the floods. The Government of Kenya responded to this appeal by donating KSh1 billion to KRCS.

KRCS has since initiated a shelter reconstruction programme to more than 6,500 households in 25 counties, among them Isiolo County.

Christine Narumbe, a 32 year old and a mother of four children is a resident of Ngaremara ward in Isiolo County. Christine is amongst families being supported. She lost her house to the floods but she is currently optimistic, her face filled with joy as she will soon be moving to her newly constructed house.

“When Red Cross came to our village and they engaged us on safe shelter promising to come back with housing solutions, I was sceptical as we have experienced many blind promises in the past. I didn’t think that they would keep their word. When they finally came back, my faith in humanity was restored. I recently received money amounting to KSh. 22,300 and have already spent it by buying building materials and paid the engineers who are now in the process of constructing my new house. I am very excited and looking forward to it,” Narumbe said.

“I am optimistic that my unborn baby will have a safe shelter to sleep in once I give birth. I am very grateful to the Kenya Red Cross and the Kenyan government for their kindness and help during this challenging time,” she added

Narumbe highlighted the fact that, the house being built is safer, stronger and has modern upgrades which ensure that future floods won’t affect it. “If it wasn’t for Kenya Red Cross I would not have been able to afford such a house,” she remarked.

Up to 74 households in Isiolo county will benefit from the shelter reconstruction program where each will receive at least Ksh. 99,500 for to cover the entire process. The project is funded by the Government of Kenya while the Kenya Red Cross Society is overseeing the implementation of the whole construction process. KRCS is also working hand in hand with the communities, county governments and community leaders to ensure the participation of all stakeholders.