Inter-Clan Fighting Cause Displacements in Marsabit County

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An inter clan conflict in Marsabit county led to the displacement of more than 665 households, loss of lives and breakdown in the access of basic social services. The conflict which started on 9th October 2018 has so far affected Moyale Town, Qubi Qalo, Shur, and Jaldesa areas.

Historically, Marsabit County has experienced tribal conflict mainly due to cultural norms and the limited resources available in the region.

The current conflict has led to loss of lives, displacement and insecurity with residents not being able to access the market place and other essential basic services. Movement has been restricted with the fears of ongoing attacks being imminent.

A total of 665 households haD been displaced; 350 households from Qubi Qalo who have integrated within the community in Marsabit, 315 households from Shur mostly children and women who moved to a nearby bush around 10 kilometers from Shur for settlement and safety.

In line with its mandate to alleviate human suffering and deliver timely humanitarian support, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has been in the forefront supporting the affected families. Interventions include the provision of Non-Food Items (NFIs) to the displaced families, first aid services, and psychosocial support and in the process of distributing food portions to the families.

The most affected persons in the conflict are children and mothers who are forced to run away from their homes in search of safer environments. Fleeing from their homes has affected their access to basic needs like food as supplies are limited and quickly being exhausted. Most of the shopping centres have further been destroyed and families cannot engage in any economic activities.